Samsung phones that we expect to launch the conference on April 10,

Samsung unveiled recently its phones main category Galaxy S, but still have some phones available can go, where he announced a new conference will be held on 10 April, has hinted that it will focus more heavily on export, based on the reports we get through the appearance of three new phones from the family of Galaxy A, more specifically, Galaxy A90, the Galaxy A60 Galaxy A40.

1 – Galaxy A90

According to the recent volatility, the Samsung phone flagship will be at the rate of the treatment centre 855 just like the series Galaxy S10, there is a strong possibility that this phone is the Galaxy A90, as it is expected to adopt a new design for the camera pop-up, which will allow the company the opportunity to get rid of all of the notes and the hole screen, but unlike other cameras, it has spin the camera 180 degrees, which eliminates the need for cameras background of the separate.

In order to maintain low costs and increase the profit margin, it is possible to use the LCD screen instead of the AMOLED used in the series Galaxy S10, it can also contains background of glossy plastic instead of glass, and now the price is still unknown, however, needs to begin its price of 600$, what allows him to compete directly with OnePlus 7 next.

2 – Galaxy A60

Expected to be the Galaxy A60 is one of the largest Samsung phones, where will depend on the screen the Infiniti U-value of 6.7 inches, and has a front camera with 32 maps, and you may receive this camera in the back, also next to the camera wide-angle with 8 maps, the sensor depth with a precision of 5 Macs, according to rumors, the device will operate with a processor Snapdragon 675, memory random access either 6 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes, the storage capacity of internal 128 gigabytes.

The cost of registration and also that the phone will contain a large battery capacity 4,500 ML amp, in addition to Android operating system Bay integrated interface with One UI, and for the price, it’s likely that the starting price of 450$.

3 – Galaxy A40

At last comes phone Galaxy A40, which is expected to happen on the screen of the Infiniti U-value of 6.4 inch, and the inside will be very special, where they would be with a processor Exynos 7904 eight nuclei of the user in the Galaxy A30, in addition to 64 gigabytes of internal storage space and 4 gigabytes of RAM.

Has the phone includes a good range of cameras, where they expect to get on camera with 25 maps in the front, and the back with the camera angle vision wide with 8 maps and measure the depth with a precision of 5 maps, as for the pricing, it is expected that the starting price of 280$.

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