Samsung phone screen on the whole do not show the edges of the camera selfie

سامسونج تعمل على شاشة هاتف كاملة لا تُظهر حواف كاميرا السيلفي

The accelerating development in a way to show the front camera in the smart phone pays to wonder about what step integration rule for all the selfie camera with screen to show a complete fully without resorting to the camera pop-up as it did Vivo or to screen the background of relying on a conventional camera phone.

It seems that Samsung download an answer to the question Where brought to the agency Yonhap News highlighted the company’s announcement about its work to include the front camera sensor under the screen without leaving the edges visible on the surface to be so May made display full screen perfectly. may be used in copy Samsung phones next.

Commented group vice president of R&D in the company Yang, Byung-Duk on this topic, it may not be possible to provide screen phones full in the literal sense during the coming year are the following, but this is not to deny that the wheel of technology continues to progress towards the point which will provide our girl camera invisible while maintaining the efficiency of the performance of the camera somehow.

As noted Yang to the company’s focus on the screens of Crystal Sound OLED which makes the screen operates the function of the other Cambridge Health and exploitation for the presence of external speakers separate is similar to the screen of the phone, LG G8, which was announced recently.

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