Samsung Pay in the Galaxy Watch had lost its main weapon, it is necessary to know

Along with Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Home 9 were presented smart watch Galaxy Watch. They showed a lot of interesting, but as it turned out, lost their main weapon, which is very sad. If you are accustomed to using payment system Samsung Pay on their smart watch, Galaxy Watch will disappoint you.

Even before Samsung Pay, the South Korean giant acquired the startup, which allowed to use the technology of mobile payments brand with any terminals using simulation signals, which are used for reading the magnetic strip of a credit card. It is possible to use contactless payments at any location accepting Bank cards.

Samsung Pay this unique feature was not only the Galaxy but also intelligent watch new Gear. For some reason, this feature was missing in last year’s Gear Sport. New watch Galaxy Watch also she does not possess. They can only work with terminals that support NFC.

In fact, today almost all terminals support contactless payment using NFC. The inconvenience will arise very rarely, but they will arise. We don’t know why Samsung decided to abandon his primary weapon, but she refused. Have Samsung Pay was a great advantage over Android Pay or Apple Pay. Now you can use something else.

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