Samsung patented screen plane moving it with your eyes.

On 13 February, Samsung recorded patent for the drone system to know the destination and the focus of the eye to the side of the gestures and the site, with a screen built in the middle of it four times at the corners. Describes file the patent the plane including a camera control system sends information to the console for users to control the plane by movement of the head and hands. Figure 3 shows the side of the device, and detailed joint can change the Milan flight can be re-machined to change the payment system to become non – fans of the four, as it is possible by the included gyroscope (sensor rotation selects the speed, angles and orientation), motion sensor and vibration with the accelerometer, and voice recognition and GPS GPS and a-GPS Wi-Fi WPS. 4 shows the side of the knuckle joint fans, and the mechanism of their work to change the direction of flight. As to the angle of view will be accurately adjusted during flight. It also will ensure the aircraft unit to detect obstacles to be avoided automatically. While many models of the UAV undertook its functions in recent years, it can imagine a Samsung used in the ads, keeps track of the number of aircraft an individual talk about by means of gestures to provide the export of the advertised product. Source: The Verge

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