Samsung patented new smart phone is completely free of the screen frame


While a lot of smartphone manufacturers that markets its devices as contain the screen free from the frame, or screen extends from edge to edge, they in fact still own within the perimeter of the network, and all of it is that it was reducing the size of the frame in its smart phones to become less pronounced. But according to the patent invention have been discovered recently by the site LetsGoDigital, it seems that Samsung got a patent for a smartphone with a screen without a frame.

In the picture above, it seems that Samsung thought a smart phone where you bend the screen around the edges of the smartphone, this increases the technical framework that surrounds the usually network. Also, the top and bottom of the phone is not a product, and that’s what gives it the illusion that your phone screen doesn’t include any frame at all.

Remember the patent also that the side screen will also work as a frame for the device, which means that there will be a metal frame around the device is the design of common use. And, of course, we can doubt whether this is valid or not in theory, but since it is not a physical product, we believe that this design will represent a problem for the engineers of Samsung in the future.


What is interesting about this patent is that they somehow look like a culmination of the work done by Samsung in the past. For example, I started the Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series in recent years in adopting design features a curved, on the side of my phone. At the same time, the company also revealed about some of her ideas for businesses that will use their smart phones of the future, where instead of the widget to be used small holes for the front camera or sensors necessary for the other, which allows the phone screen to expand until the edge of the phone.


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