Samsung patented new sensor fingerprint built-in screen

Galaxy S9+

According to rumors, one of the features that frequency it will arrive with the Galaxy S10 is a sensor fingerprint built-in screen. At the present time, there is a lot of smart phones that include sensor fingerprint in the screen, so it will be interesting to see the How to use Samsung for the technology in its smart phones next. Of course, wait to see it, but it seems that the company is really interested in this technology.

Thanks to the patented has been discovered recently and that the company has got patented sensor fingerprint built-in screen. According to the patent, he found the Samsung to System not lets not just put the sensor fingerprints underneath the glass of the phone, but also on the sides of the device, which means having more flexibility when it comes to choosing the right place, and also the design of the phone.


Note that this is not the first time that we participate in the Samsung patent on the idea of fingerprints on the screen, but the fact that we see the patents of multiple this idea suggesting that the company is interested in him. Despite the fact that patents are mostly just ideas to try Samsung its protection, it is difficult to know whether you can buy the Samsung to make it a reality already, so try not to talk too much.


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