Samsung patented a new smartphone with a folding screen around the outside


While the Galaxy Fold is the phone folding first from Samsung, but we know that there are more and more smart phones collapsible boat of the South Korean company, and one of these phones will be foldable toward the outside. Show the patent new Samsung published on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization well-known acronym in the name of WIPO in the month of last January, how has this phone looks exactly.

In the drawings included in the patent, shows the device small size even when it is fully open with the science that has been put the joint in the middle which allows the device to expand to the full screen mode, but what’s more interesting is that there is a lock in the back of the device. This mechanism apparently prevents the operations of folding unwanted note he didn’t speak to us after seeing how do you get the screens collapsible in under daily use.

Details on the rest of the ingredients such as the cameras and ports is not visible at the moment. While we still have to wait to see if Samsung will analyze this unique design to the physical product, the previous reports stated that the company will launch this device in the year 2020.


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