Samsung patented a new screen float in the air

سامسونج شاشة

سامسونج شاشة

Got Samsung a new patent for the screen to float in the air, so as not to apply for registration since the year 2016 almost.

According to the documents, the screen will be equipped with a range of fans to raise it in the air, to provide the array of sensors of which one to explore barriers and overcoming them, and another to track The movement of the user, his head, his hands, in addition to the laser sensor capable of tracking the movement of the pupil of the eye to adjust the screen and Milan in the best possible shape to view the content.

It can be for the new machine to be a collection of screens of smart phones or tablets, or even screen laptops.

As an application on the ground that the screen, such as that used to display ads in the streets or to track The user during a walk in the area to continue in the follow-up content without the need to carry the device manually.

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