Samsung opens first store Galaxy not in the Japanese capital Tokyo


Samsung has just opened the largest store Galaxy not in the Japanese capital Tokyo named the ” Galaxy Harajuku “. In fact, this is the biggest store Galaxy at all, has been inaugurated by the 500 exactly on the day of the launch of the Olympic Games to be held in the capital of Japan Tokyo in the year 2020. After all, Samsung has become the official partner of the committee of the Olympic Games in the category of equipment for radio communications for decades.

The store itself looks great, it is a building composed of eight floors with the front end comprising of 1000 smart phone of the category of Galaxy spin around the block. Add phones sequentially to create different styles of lights to provoke attention.

It should be noted that the design of this new store by Japanese designer Tokyujin Yoshioka, and Samsung that it represents the company’s vision for the future. Of course, Samsung will in this store displays all of its devices portable, including series phones, leading the new Galaxy S10 Series.


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