Samsung on the eve of a new disaster with her phone rollaway

سامسونج على اعتاب كارثة جديدة مع هاتفها القابل للطيSamsung on the eve of a new disaster with her phone, rollaway

Samsung on the eve of a new disaster with her phone, rollaway

Exploded the social networking sites during the last few hours by auditors setups celebrities, after I showed up one flaw almost in the devices phones Samsung Galaxy (Fuld) that you sent to the company’s Korean auditors months on the web .

The disadvantage is the measurement of the left side of the screen blinks continuously when you open the device, as you can see in the tweets file to it. the news.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

A sign that says some of the reviewers that the phone is defective. in the detailed screen, causing the “bulging young” leads to a distortion in the screen.

Reminds us of these problems scandal telephone notes 7 from Samsung in 2016, where Samsung was forced after ignition of a large number of these phones, to withdraw the product from the market and its manufacture .

The Samsung has announced the pricing of the phone when 1980 dollars , becoming the most expensive phone ever in the history of the Korean company

Samsung for its part has announced in an official statement it was following these cases closely, said in a statement :

Inform the some of the reviewers about the removal of the top layer of the screen causing damage to the screen, featuring the main screen in the Galaxy Fuld with a protective layer top, which is part of the structure screen designed to protect the screen from scratches and unintentional, may lead to the removal of the protective layer or add a adhesive material to your home screen to damage

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