Samsung officially reveal the wristlet I smart Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit e

Samsung made today in the activities conference, which was held in San Francisco the latest versions of the bracelet were smart Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit e designed to track fitness.

Galaxy Fit

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Made sure Samsung to provide a distinctive design in the bracelet Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit e to support the user experience comfortable to wear the bracelet for long periods, to track the user throughout the day, with the possibility of following the user during sleep also, and also supports user alerts and messages also.

And facilities each of the bracelet Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit e in a compact design for built-in ligament thickness skinny too, with the advantage of automatic tracking of user activity.

How come the bracelet and the pattern of General Training allows the user to choose between 90 specific activity through the application of Samsung Health, How come the bracelet is made with smart stress management, and also enhanced it is characteristic of work on the analysis and status of the user during sleep.

Also Samsung confirmed that all of the bracelet Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit e offer intelligent interface, as related to bracelet Galaxy Fit, mobile support, user notifications for messages, and view the status of the weather, with alerts, the possibility to view the calendar.

All of the bracelet Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit e supports standards 5ATM water resistance, or humidity, for example, how come the bracelet Galaxy Fit With hour display seconds on the screen when you change the time zone automatically, also confirms Samsung that the bracelet supports the user’s age charge up to a full week.


I know of

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