Samsung officially reveal the Galaxy A9 Pro

The company revealed the Samsung South Korean smartphone Galaxy A9 Pro or as it is known in China as Galaxy A8s, where the phone was customized initially for the Chinese market, but it seems that the company decided to launch the phone globally in a new name and will be available in next February at a starting price of 540 USD.

Enjoy your smartphone with high specifications and excellent, including a screen example representing the front-end entirely by the width to height 19.5: 9, which is of the type infinity and a circular incision in the top left includes the front camera, where the screen size of 6.4-inches accurately QHD+.

The phone also supports Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 in addition to random memory “RAM” size 6 GB, also allows the memory of internal storage with a capacity of 128/256 GB with support for external memory up to 512 GB.

In the back side, comes phone Galaxy A9 Pro Camera background three precision 24 megapixel for the main girl, large f / 1.7, while the second camera comes in 2 MP camera of the second 5-megapixel front camera which is used to measure the depth and enhance the image, while the front camera comes precisely 24 MP.

Being a phone is considered average specifications, does not support the feature prints within the screen so it will Samsung to the identity of their leader. Instead, this phone comes fingerprint the traditional next to the rear camera, the phone also comes with the support system Android Oreo from the source, to receive an update to Android P later this year.

سامسونج تكشف رسمياً عن هاتف جالكسي A9 Pro

A summary of the specifications of the phone Galaxy A9 Pro :

– Screen Infinity the size of 6.4-inches accurately QHD+ with a potential upside of 9:19:5.
– Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 710.
– RAM 6 GB.
– Memory internal storage 128/256 GB.
– Support external memory up to 512 GB.
– Camera background three strictly 24+2+5 MP.
– Front camera with 24 MP.
– To support the reader insight to the bottom of the rear camera.
– Does not support a separate Sky.
– Battery capacity of 3,400 mAh.

Samsung presents its new phone in blue, gray in addition to green color is available for purchase now from its official website but only in China, the company said it will allow the stockist the energy is free to participants in the program, members of the Samsung until March 31, powerful 1000 mAh as a gift.

It is not yet known the exact date to allow the phone in the Arab markets, but is expected to be available phone at the end of next February or beginning of March.

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