Samsung officially confirmed the delayed launch of the Galaxy Fold, and remember the reason in the official statement


Earlier today, reports emerged from various sources from all over the world talking about the postponement of the company Samsung to launch its phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, as well as to postpone the training of the staff cancel the two events are related to the phone in China, which was held in two days 24 and 26 April.

Not long after the appearance of these rumors, but the company decided to the Samsung reply on everything that is promoted currently through the official statement about the delay is specified for the phone Galaxy Fold. Remember that in the past week, you know the initial units that were sent to the reviewers of the Galaxy Fold some damage in the screen by folding in some scenarios.

In some cases, the screen flex is used in the phone Galaxy Fold exposed to due to the mechanism of folding, and in some cases was so exposed due to the removal of the protective layer of the company inadvertently, it was the reviewers believe that he hails the role of this protective layer on the screen protection only from scratches, but they realized later that this protective layer is an integral part of the screen and it did not have to remove that energy.

Official statement by Samsung now shows that the company knew that the Galaxy Fold is still need more improvements in order to provide the best possible experience for the customers. You did not specify the launch date of the new phone Galaxy Fold, and will be announced in the next few weeks, according to the company.

You will get Samsung also make sure that users understand that there should be no need to remove the protective layer that protects the screen. At the same time, will try to figure out new ways to enhance screen protection.

It was supposed to be the launch of the Galaxy Fold in the original consumers in some key markets, including China and the United States of America and South Korea in today’s 26 April, but the company decided to Samsung to postpone it now. Will not be announced the launch date of the new to after a few weeks, this means that consumers will have to wait a month or two before seeing the Galaxy Fold in the shelves of stores.

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