Samsung officially announces her computer extreme control Galaxy Tab Active Pro

Announced Samsung on Wednesday on her computer, the new tablet (Galaxy Tab Active Pro) Galaxy Tab Active Pro, which boasts its ability to withstand extreme circumstances, targeted employees in the business sector.

Said the giant Korean in a publication on her blog: “judging from the success (tab one) Tab Active2 in the past year, designed (Galaxy Tab Active Pro) new for those who conduct business in harsh environments or outside the walls of the office – including in the field, or on the road, or in the case of severe weather”.

The Samsung to (the Galaxy Tab Active Pro) is specially designed for professionals in industries such as: manufacturing, transportation, public safety, allowing easy access to the main applications to face real-life challenges – both in the workplace, or outside of it.

And tablet the new that he has the certificates the same security owned computers the previous series. And these certifications: certified MIL-STD 810G, which makes the phone resistant to salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport, and make it resistant to thermal shock. Also enjoy (the Galaxy Tab Active Pro) standard IP68 resistant to dust and water, under a depth of a meter and a half for half an hour.

To support work in the atmosphere, rain and storm, comes a tablet with a copy of Stylus Pen (s-US) S Pen Waterproof and dust proof in accordance with the standard IP68, which can be used with the screen wet, which also support touch with gloves work.

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And the computer screen measuring 10.1 inches – the largest among computers Samsung tablet severe challenges – it also offers interchangeable battery, quick shipping, and work for 15 hours. Supported computer platform DeX5, becoming the first to support this feature in this category of computers. It can be reached by a network of large external, or use it is the same with the keyboard.

Can the computer centre, with the support of networks of fourth generation LTE, and tourism (near-term) NFC that allows users to scan bar codes on products to secure the payments and manage inventories. Also supports computer platform augmented reality of Google: Google en Core.

And because it exists for companies, the (Galaxy Tab Active Pro) platform support Citrix Workspace that will enable companies to give employees access to standardized, safe, and reliable to the Applications, Information and tools they need to perform their jobs using one device. To increase security, the device supports the platform (Knox) Knox of Samsung.

With regard to the rest of the specifications, the needs of the computer on the processor type (Qualcomm Snapdragon 670), and random access memory (ram) of size 4 GB, memory internal storage capacity of 64 GB with the possibility of expansion up to 512 GB via external memory cards (microSD) the microSD.

Say (Galaxy Tab Active Pro) rear camera accurately 13 megapixel, and other front-facing 8-megapixel. Comes with account fingerprint, battery with a capacity of 7600 mAh, and running Android 9 Bay.

This; will start Samsung asking her computer tablet extreme endurance tablet (Galaxy Tab Active Pro) in the United States at a price of 599.99 USD as of 15 November next.

Referred to to Computer new tablet comes after nearly two days of the announcement of the Samsung for one of its smart phones from the A Series (Galaxy CSR) extreme durability, which targeted workers in a number of sectors that require this type of phones.

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