Samsung officially announced the phone Galaxy M10 وM20 at a starting price of $ 112

Announced the Korean giant today announced two new versions of the low-cost smartphone Galaxy M10 وM20 possible design features the extrusion of the upper waterdrop in the screen.


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Galaxy M10

Comes phone Galaxy M10 the size of the screen of the 6.22-inch LCD screen special design featuring extrusion top in the screen with a quality display of HD Plus, as the phone comes with a microchip processor Exynos 7870, with choices in memory, random between 2 or 3 GB RAM, the storage capacity between 16 or 32 GB.

It also features the Galaxy M10 battery capacity of 3400 mAh, with the settings of the double cable control of rear with the sensor 13 and 5 mega pixel camera with a lens characteristic angles ultra wide, How come the camera front the Samsung Galaxy M10 sensor 5 mega-pixel camera.

Also featuring a phone’s micro-USB port, and is scheduled to go Galaxy the M10 at a price of $ 112 model possible memory 2 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 16 GB, while the phone model with random memory 3 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 32 GB at a price of $ 126.


Galaxy M20

Featuring phone M20 LCD screen size of 6.3-inch quality HD display plus, with the design featuring extrusion top in the screen waterdrop, it also has a phone processor chip Exynos 7904, it also comes better RAM between 3 and 4 GB of RAM, often in the storage capacity between 32 and 64 giga bytes.

As the phone comprises a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, also comes camera background phone M20 settings with double sensor 13 mega pixel and 5 mega pixel camera, with lenses ultra wide, come camera front telephone M20 accurately 8 mega pixel camera.

The phone features a USB port to C, is scheduled to stop the Galaxy M20 with random memory 3 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 32 GB and the price of 154 dollars, while model possible memory random 4 GB RAM and storage capacity of 64 GB at a price of $ 183.

Also to have both phones colors blue, black on the Samsung website official, is expected to apply to all phones in the global markets later this year.


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