Samsung offers a discount on the model Galaxy S10, the three students, teachers

Galaxy S10 ---

Still high-end smartphones are expensive and this is the main reason why retain persons their device for a longer time. Offer companies like Apple programs it seeks to make its devices affordable for students and teachers. Decided Samsung use a similar strategy by providing a discount of up to 40 percent on its devices for students and teachers. The company also provides a discount rate of 8 percent on a Galaxy S10.

Can now demand and teachers who have their e-mail address edu. To participate in this program the students and teachers of the Samsung. The company says it will allow students and teachers get a discount of up to 40 percent when buying their computers from the company’s official website on the internet ” “.

Samsung offers other discounts on its other products, but when it comes to selection Galaxy S10 new, the company offers a discount of 8 percent on all models three of the Galaxy S10. Customers can take advantage of this reduction and also to apply Galaxy S10 in advance in order to get headphones Galaxy Buds wireless new free.

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t get these discounts only when you purchase products through the official website of the company on the internet. If you are planning to buy Galaxy S10 from one of the retail stores, then you will not benefit from this offer. Anyway, you should compare prices prior to purchase to ensure you get the best deal possible.


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