Samsung Note 10 screen larger than the iPhone XS Max?

سامسونج Note 10 بشاشة أكبر من iPhone XS Max؟

The report reiterated that the company Samsung might offer phone series Note coming Galaxy Note 10 screen with a diameter of 6.66 inches, a diameter larger than the phone screen iPhone XS Max who’s got the huge screen size of 6.5 inches to become the largest phones Apple at all.

If he comes phone Samsung the product this screen will be the biggest phone of Samsung in terms of the diameter of the screen so that Samsung’s largest current in terms of the diameter of the screen is the Galaxy Note 9 released screen 6.4 inch in August.

Apple made the current year the IPhone XS screen 5.8 inch, the same diameter of the screen of the iPhone X which was released last year East phone cheaper LCD without the الOLED with a diameter of 6.2 inches which is the iPhone XR in made the phone larger iPhone XS Max a larger diameter of 6.5 inches.

Samsung on the other side made the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus with 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch the same as the diameters of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus last year when it came to phone Note 9 screen 6.4 inch.

And whether it will affect the screen size the new size of the phone or not is something that has not been clarified up to now, so used to Samsung screens complete with new? It would just reduce to discover to utilize space for the screen which is what the police are doing constantly.

The report explained that work on the phone has already started so we believe early reports about the phone coming in the second half of 2019 and did not pass a bad two months to be issued. According to the report Samsung is working on phones for 12 months instead of 6 months since the disaster Galaxy Note 7 this explains why we see the rumors early, even since last year.

According to the report, despite the excellence of the details change during the months ahead of the development of the phone only to change the diameter of the screen is doesn’t seem to happen very often in their own words.

Reports longer the Galaxy Note 10 from before where you said that the phone is under the name Davinci is the name suggests constantly putting the advantages of a new pen touch S Pen which earned the big advantages this year. Reports also indicate that the company will dispense with the entrance of heaven in the next phone.

This theme is the Samsung Note 10 screen larger than the iPhone XS Max? Appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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