Samsung merges its flagship for next to nothing. What’s the matter?

At the end of last week, social media users began to share the news that Russian operators to sell the flagship smartphones of Samsung 2017-2018 discount up to 50%. Many do not even believe that such a thing is possible and take it event will most likely in a negative way, refusing even to understand the reasons for what is happening. So it was: the desire Samsung to get rid of illiquid or one-time attraction of unprecedented generosity?

Should start with the fact that Samsung is not at all to blame. It is possible that the company didn’t even know about the impending sale. Its initiators were made by the big three operators in the face of “Megaphone”, “MTS” and “Beeline”, because only they have the machines you could buy with such tangible for the purse of every Russian citizen discount. On some smartphones, e.g. Galaxy Note 9 price was so low that to buy it from the operator was even more profitable than to turn to grey retail.

Prices for smartphone Samsung discounts

  • Galaxy S8 — 26 990 rubles;
  • Galaxy S9 — 31 990 rubles;
  • Galaxy S9+ — 36 990 rubles;
  • Galaxy Note 9 — 39 990 rubles.

Buy Samsung discount

The incident, despite the apparent similarity, has nothing to do with getting rid of the stock. First, because among the liquidated units were quite a actual model. And, secondly, because a discount was available to very few devices. Most likely, their number was limited to a few thousands of instances, even in the regions is dispersed with remarkable speed. That is, to talk about trying to attract customers by any means is absolutely impractical.

But why all this? It turns out, so the big three only increases their own ARPU. This is the metric that shows the average revenue per user for a certain period. Strange, but the operators include revenues from sales of smartphones in this metric. This practice is quite common. Why are only the regular promotions from MTS, which promises to return up to 30% of the price of the smartphone cashback on a card “MTS Money”. The consumer gets your discount, and that the operator increased ARPU and in addition a new customer for your Bank.

The moral: next time take.

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