Samsung may use my headphones traditional phones

Each generation of smart phones to enjoy the benefits of the best, and smartphone manufacturers are working to redesign the screen and make it in a full front-end, a feature that distinguishes the current generation of phones although not to completeness.

She was beginning to enter the apartments or extrusion in the upper part to extend the screen up, and many companies embrace this concept, including South Korea’s Samsung recently, and there is a great deal of mounting evidence that phones Galaxy the future will help me from the edges of her completely.

Citing sources, the company plans to Samsung is currently off headphones traditional phones in favor of the technique of images within the screen, so will be the heavens, the upper built-in screens Olid, is expected to be announced for the new screen with this technology at CES 2019 next month.

The new screen will need to have external speakers in their current form, will broadcast the sounds from the screen itself through the sound effects, three-dimensional, in addition to this the screen will make the waterproofing process easier to some extent.

Sources: Times Korea – BGR

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