Samsung may not launch the Galaxy S9 Active this year


At Samsung on the launch of the women strong ” Active ” phones Galaxy S a year for several years now. Often is launched to copy the Active Directory from the Galaxy S in the month of June or July. Last year, we got on the phone Galaxy S8 Active, but it seems that Samsung is not considering the release of the phone Galaxy S9 Active this year.

As explained by the operators of the site SamMobile, we are already in mid-August and there is no indication that the phone Galaxy S9 Active under development. You Samsung launch phone Galaxy Note 9 the 24th day of August, so will be busy launching this phone progressively in more markets around the world throughout the month of September.

As you probably know, is the phone Galaxy S Active Samsung provide additional protection against a range of elements and features as well with even bigger battery. For the rest of the specifications, they remain the same as is the case with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Active.

Can restricted size to prevent Samsung from using Galaxy S9 as the basis for the Galaxy S9 Active. If you decide to use the +Galaxy S9 as a basis, they risk dismantling the sales of the Galaxy Note 9 so that the 4000mAh battery is one of the main features of the phone tablet new flagship.

In addition, there haven’t been any leaks or rumors so far about the Galaxy S9 Active. From the unusual to unlock Samsung this phone this late in the year, so there is a belief common that Samsung has decided to refrain from the launch of the Galaxy S9 Active. It remains to be seen what that would mean for the future of the Galaxy S Active.



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