Samsung make Galaxy Note10 Pro battery 4500 mAh later this year

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro is one of the versions associated with Samsung this year of the series Note, which comes according to the latest leaks with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh.

Galaxy Note10 Pro 4500 mAh battery

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Confirmed a lot of the leaks so far on the plans of the Korean giant Samsung to launch Galaxy Note10 Pro to the side of the main version of the phone Galaxy Note10.

Today delivered the registration of new light on the capacity of the battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro next, where the phone battery capacity of 4500 mAh which is a higher capacity battery than the previous version Note9 which came with a battery 4000 mAh, and show the battery of your phone with a Code EB-BN975ABU which accompanied the model of SM-N975 series of the Note or the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G go capacity battery 4500 mAh also, where the support capacity of the battery this version well with the 5G technology is expected to represent the same capacity in the battery support good Galaxy Note10 Pro who applies later this year.


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