Samsung made app that will only work on Galaxy S10 5G

Nobody, I think, will not argue with the fact that AR (augmented reality) – a trend that manufacturers in the world mobile industry pay, perhaps a lot of attention. Unfortunately, in most cases, this increased attention leads to the creation of another “Animagi” who use special scanners that read the facial expressions of your face (and sometimes body movements), and then projecting your 3D character on the surface in the real world. Thing is, of course, funny, but short-lived – a couple of days play, friends show, and throw in on the “back shelf”, forgetting forever.

Of course, there are some useful applications for AR that can help, for example, it is easier to navigate the terrain or to see the location of your friends, just running the camera and looking at the world through a viewfinder. There is another useful tool thanks to the integration with augmented reality, received his, if I may say so, maximum performance, and can be useful in many situations. This tool – the usual line, but uses a huge variety.

Google has already developed its application range on the basis of AR, which should define a flat surface to measure their size. Although the concept is good, the software does not always cope with the exact definition of objects that you want to measure. Well, as usual, Samsung decided to create their own app that will work more precisely than Google. And that’s exactly the truth, since the application of South Koreans use the ToF sensor for its calculations. The only downside is that all existing Samsung phones only Galaxy S10 5G has a sensor that makes the app exclusive to this device, at least at the moment.

In addition to calculating the size of the object Samsung Measure can also measure its area, length, depth and distance from you, making it much more functional than similar from Google. The application can automatically detect objects and display their sizes when hovering over them and also allows you to manually draw lines between two points to calculate the distance between them. Finally, you can quickly switch between units of measurement (centimeters and inches) with the switch at the top of the interface, which eliminates the need to convert the result.

Own app Samsung is definitely more accurate than the equivalent from Google. Of course, if you do the repair, we trust these measurements do not, but through the use of a ToF module, its measurement should be quite accurate. Unfortunately, because such sensor has only 5G Galaxy S10, we were not able to try it on their own, and Samsung does not allow other devices to run its new application.

Application: Quick measure
Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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