Samsung launches video headline first phone Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9


The branch of the company Samsung in South Korea today published three videos trailer short phone Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9, and while the brevity of these videos, they contain a set of hints hidden features that are supposed to come with the Galaxy S9.

Video headline the first all about speed, but at the end of the video, and exactly in the third ” 9 ” start time of relenting, and this is a clear signal to the camera, which would study the possibility of imaging with slow motion. As for the video painting the second, he speaks about photography in the dark. This continues until the second ” 9 ” to light up the picture dramatically. The Samsung strengthening the performance of the cameras in its smart phones in dark environments over the past few years, but it’s supposed to come phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 with lens girl 1.5, which allows for enhanced performance in dark environments.

For video headline the third and final, he knows emoji holographic which I talked about many rumors in the past, but it remains to be seen whether they will be similar emoticons animated ” Animoji ” currently in the iPhone X.

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