Samsung launches the first screen with G-Sync from Nvidia

سامسونج CRG5 بتقنية G-SYNC

Take the gaming market curve accelerated a while ago, focusing on this market and higher makes us to the development of a great technique. Away from the gaming devices themselves, there is fierce competition in the tea market-oriented games, which turned many of the technology companies, which applies to Samsung, which has launched a new screen curved with G-Sync from Nvidia for the first time.

Provide technology NVIDIA G-Sync advantages of high in graphics for games, where the speed of 240 Hz to select the image in the second, what the experience of using a special during game play.

Launched Samsung name CRG5 on the screen by curved New, come 27-inch with a resolution of 1080 pixels by VA and the variance of 1:3,000, as the screen contains two HDMI, with a separate screen and DisplayPort, next to the USB port-A.

It can be said that it is not the first time you launch the Samsung screen wave games, but it’s the first time you use the technique of G-Sync possible.

It is worth mentioning that the screen will be available starting next month at a price of 400 USD, which is the price of the normal to the screen similar to this specific measurement, despite the fact that most of the screens with this technology from other companies to exceed 30 inches in measured.

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