Samsung launches the application provides 29 a new face for the lock screen

Earlier this month, the company surprised the Samsung much when it launched a new version full of application customization Good Lock UI to the identity of its smart from the category of Galaxy, this app is not officially available in most parts of the world until now, but it seems that Samsung have yet to launch apps customize new for her phones where launched also application of the ClockFace which is the application introduces some new faces for lock screens phones and display screens permanent.

Supports the application of the ClockFace, the new monitoring site SamMobile all phones Galaxy running Android 8.0 oreo one user of your company’s Samsung Experience 9.0, and the number of new faces 29 a different face depending on a variety of styles like some of them the speedometer in the car and another that shows the time within the bicycle wheels, etc., the app lets you also customize the color of the clock face according to your desire.

And if you want to try the app now, you can download the ClockFace APK from SamMobile website via (link), as is the case with the application of a Good Lock, it is possible not to work on the application of ClockFace on your phone so that Samsung didn’t launch this app officially in around the world even now.

After downloading the application, scroll to the Settings menu on the galaxy and click on the option “lock screen and security” and make sure you enable the option “lock screen”, then select the option “Eve Arena” and then, click to choose “previous style” will be a number of styles previous in the bottom. Scroll to the most recent, and you should see the new patterns that were added by application of the ClockFace. You can perform the same steps for the company that always work by scrolling to this section after clicking on the option “previous style”.

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