Samsung launches tablet SSD storage with a capacity of 30 TB



I always was the storage drive of the type SSD is facing criticism they don’t provide large capacity enough, but today this is no longer criticism is valid where Samsung announced a tablet with a capacity of 30 TB.

The new disc measure 2.5 inches and is manufactured with V-NAND later. Comprises a disk 32 provided flash storage of type NAND with the capacity of 1 TB, and each slice of the 16 layer of the segments the storage V-NAND capacity of 512 GB.

Working nip at a speed of 400 a-cycle address read and 50 thousand cycles to write the data, or in other words can it read 2100 MB and write 1700 MB per second.

Features that disk thanks to the new technology that is extremely fast, about 4 times faster than the speed of moderation in the SSD. With a storage capacity sufficient to put the 5700 high-quality film, I don’t think you need more than that.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung made before the year of the SSD with a capacity of 15 terabytes.

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