Samsung launches protection panel for Galaxy S10 in the United States

Launched the Korean giant officially screen protection for your Galaxy S10 in the United States market, which offer from Samsung at a good price $ 30 almost.

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Confirmed Samsung before the launch of the Galaxy S10 formally to the market, that new releases will be shipped with the panels screen protection which is designed by Samsung specifically for the new versions, which support the phone features the new fingerprint sensor with the ultrasound. in the screen, or cut the cable in the screen.

Has launched Samsung already new versions for users with a screen of protection between the contents of the box, and today Samsung offers users an alternative available in the US market comes at the price of $ 29.99, available screen protection for phones Galaxy S10 is complete, as is shipping within the United States free.

Recall that Samsung is offering the Galaxy S10 with a range of accessories to protect the phone, which comes from screen protection, with a piece of cloth designed to wipe the phone, stickers to remove dust from the phone, it also comes attachments to support the user in removing the bubbles when installing the screen protection.


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