Samsung launches page to book phone Galaxy Note9 confirm the date put on the market

It is known that the company Samsung is preparing on 9 August to hold a special event to announce her smart phone Galaxy Note9, which was the date put on the market just rumors, until the company announced the launch of the page to book your phone in the United States confirms the material.

But before moving on to talk about a date put on the market, we note that it may be confused on the mission, as what is the difference between a reservation and pre-order it? The difference lies in that the reservation allows users to wishing to buy the device register to be the first to know opens the door to pre-order on the phone, thus they have priority before others.

And on its website in the United States, Samsung has launched a page to allow users wishing to buy a Galaxy Note9 register to the police report to inform them when provide more details about the launch of the phone who confirmed the deal that will be for sale on 24 August.

It is indicated that Samsung had done a step similar to the previous, which allowed users to register to be the first to know about new products to learn about.

On the page of booking the phone in the United States, users can select the telecommunications company that they want to buy the phone through them, or choose to purchase the phone “open”, i.e. not linked to any company.

As promised Samsung users who book to take advantage of the program to barter your own which saves you about $ 450 USD through the swap phone is eligible after the purchase of the Galaxy Note9.

Do you intend to purchase the Galaxy Note9 on? Let me know in the comments.

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