Samsung launches its application Quick Measure to measure things and more based on the en

Serves augmented reality “AR” for many purposes, limited to no reunion, we can help find the way, or intention to use with the aim of entertainment, other use functions is to measure the things around you, via the phone or with more accurately a camera phone, and the Google developed an application level on the EN to measure things carries the name of the Measure, but often fails in his mission.

In the same context, it seems that Samsung want to cut the road and the smoke of this world, through the application of its new Quick Measure, and here the company has indicated that the application of this extremely accurate, so that the precision using sensor depth “ToF” with the aim of making the calculations, thus the only disadvantage of this app, is that among all Samsung phones, the Galaxy S10 5G is the only one that has a sensor like this, which makes the app special device, at least at the current time.

Generally in addition to the account application to the size of an object, can not also estimate space, length, depth, and distance, which makes it much more capable of application to Google. As it can be for the discover objects automatically and to provide their leadership at Target, with availability also to draw lines between two points to calculate the distance between them, and most importantly, support the switch between centimeters and inches quickly.

Finally apply a Quick Measure available to download for free and full of on store Google Play, but it is a pity to see it available on only one phone, and unfortunately also not allowing the company to run this app on other devices albeit with the expense of less accuracy, generally may change course in the future and see its application to Quick Measure available to a greater number of smart phones.

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