Samsung know Phone its smart folding to a limited audience at CES 2019


Experience exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2019 currently in Las Vegas, USA, and even if there weren’t a lot of relevant ads to smartphones in this event, there are still some companies that decided to bring with it some surprises. According to Korean media, it seems that the company Samsung introduced its smartphone folding for a limited group of the public behind closed doors. The phone is not ready to make his way to the world markets, due to the presence of some structural problems in the process of folding.

Said an executive at the company that the phone looks completely flat when it is extended. When you try to fold, you will break the phone, so this explains why we saw the crease at the level of the screen when revealed to us the company about this device for the first time late last year. As promised by the executive officer in the company Samsung, will be fix this problem in the units offered for sale from your phone with the knowledge that Samsung is planning to launch this phone in the first half of this year, but it will make Million Units Only, which means the availability is very limited.

Since it will screen a very advanced and modern battery, as well as technical specifications developed, please respond when you hear that Samsung will be pricing this phone at around 1.5 million Korean Won, which is equivalent to 1350 USD.


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