Samsung issued another update for the Galaxy Buds wireless

Galaxy Buds -

Samsung issued another update for the Galaxy Buds New, shortly after the update that arrived two weeks ago. This new update is incredibly small, the size of his old 1.32 MB only but it fixes some important problems such as erroneous reporting about battery level.

You can install the new update through the app Galaxy Wearable, and the record of the changes that headphones Galaxy Buds new will sell now for the battery level correctly. Moreover, you can now expect to become a call Bluetooth more stable. There was also a small error in the list of the sound of the ocean, a feature that works to amplify the sound around you so be familiar with your surroundings.

If you have not received this update yet, you can download it manually in the application Galaxy Wearable and if it still does not appear, wait a few more days until it reaches the headphones Galaxy Buds your.


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