Samsung issued an update to improve the speed of sensor fingerprint in phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10

samsung galaxy s10 an-fran_12

Samsung issued a new update for the phone Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 works on improving the performance of the sensor fingerprint, which works with ultrasound. This update was released yesterday as an update is urgent, making it appear to pop up on the screen. It should be noted that this update appears from the Galaxy App Store, rather than the page updates as usual with a science that is small in size also, the size of his 6.9 MB only. The update improved the operating system immediately without having to restart the device.

The history of changes that this update does not mention a lot of details, but the pop-up window said that this update improves the performance of the sensor fingerprint built-in screen specifically. And, apparently, this update is only available for the phone Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10, because it didn’t show up on the phone Galaxy S10e. This should not be surprising because the Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 comprises two sensor fingerprint works ultrasound in the screen, while the phone Galaxy S10e sensor normal fingerprint in the side.

After you install this update, we have noticed tremendous improvement in the performance of the sensor fingerprint. Before the update, was the sensor of the fingerprint has been slow and unreliable. However, this new update make it almost immediate and also works reliably. Still not as quick as sensor fingerprint ordinary user in the Galaxy S10e, but it seems faster than the sensor of a fingerprint optical used in other phones.

We’re not sure of the other features that were improved regardless of the sensor of the fingerprint, and if there were security benefits. And it turns out earlier this week that one of the users managed to fool the sensor fingerprint in the phone Galaxy S10 with the imprint of three-dimensional was printed using a printer of three-dimensional, but we can’t say for sure whether Samsung has done to address this problem, but even if this update to improve the speed, we recommend you download and install this update quickly.

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