Samsung issued an official statement on the failure of the screen in units of the Galaxy Fold Primary

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This week was not good for Samsung. In the past Monday, the company introduced Samsung first units of its phone flagship innovative Galaxy Fold first customer, but after two days, failed screens for some units.

We mean by the word ” failure ” that the screen is damaged and can no longer be viewing the content. The duty of all of dieters Bohn from the site The Verge and Steve Koach of CNBC failure of the flexible screen after the leverage of the phone Galaxy Fold as normal. In the case of other failure, it has occurred because of the burden is correct to the protective layer of transparent on the screen. Specifically, the failure of the special unit at MKBHD because he tried to remove this energy, thinking it was proof of the company removable. Although this is technically correct, it depends on the users removed.

Over the last few years, we learned that the layer of protection that is already installed on the phone is the way to optional to protect the screen and can be peeled easily. This is not the case with the first foldable phone in the market. As already anticipated, the company Samsung does not want to be silent and this wave of negative comments go unnoticed, and as a result has now sent a formal statement to The Verge saying :

Been providing a limited number of samples of the Galaxy Fold Primary media for review. We have received some reports on the Home screen on the samples provided. We’re blowing these units in person to determine the cause of it.

Separately, informed some of the reviewers about the removal of the top layer of the screen causing damage to the screen. Featuring Home screen in Galaxy Fold with a protective layer at the top, which is part of the structure of the screen and protect the screen from scratches and unintended. May result in the removal of the protective layer or add a adhesive material to your home screen to damage. We will ensure the delivery of this information clearly to our customers.

Say Samsung they will investigate thoroughly the cause of devices that have failed in the hands of the reviewers. At the same time, remind us that the protective layer is not intended to be removed and are not intended to support the adhesive layer the other on top. It is certain that Samsung will work on the transfer of such information expressly for the customers.

May be Samsung screen folding are extremely fragile so don’t work in this type of device. It remains to be seen whether this is true after long-term use because of a new product. It seems that the Galaxy devices Fold the other in the hands of reviewers work well. We will have to wait until the display Galaxy Fold for sale to see if this problem product really or just a problem confined to pay the the primary.

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