Samsung is working on two more foldable smartphones

You probably noticed a sea of news about what Samsung brings the launch of the Galaxy Fold. This was written, it seems, everything edition. After these there was a rumor that Huawei is going to carry the launch of its first folding smartphone Mate X. it would Seem that it’s too early to launch such a radical innovation because of marriage to avoid in the production of these high-tech devices is very difficult, and must first “break in” technology. Only here Samsung apparently is not going to slow down, and therefore, as it became known today, working on two folding devices.

According to the article, published today, the Korean edition of The Bell, Samsung is working on two more foldable smartphones that have received the name “Type G” and “Type S”. The device, as reported, are equivalent to delayed Galaxy Fold, but larger.

The first device “Type G”, as stated in the material of The Bell, in expanded form has an 8-inch display and two sides that fold, forming the letter “G”. “Type S” reportedly has a large 13-inch display in the unfolded state and is folded resembles the letter “S”.

Samsung has filed a patent for a “Type S” in November 2018, so thanks to sketchy images of this patent, we can imagine, might look like this device if it ever sees the light. Information about the release date of the devices developed so far, unfortunately, no.

Since this is just a rumor, take this is news with some skepticism. Thus in March the material has also claimed that Samsung is working on two folding devices, folding a flexible display inside, and folding. Even more old stuff said that Samsung announces a new folding device, or at the end of this year or early next year.

Unfortunately for Samsung, the company now faced serious criticism due to problems with the quality of its recent Galaxy Fold, which, albeit was a pre-production instances, had serious problems with a flexible display. Samsung has officially postponed the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China and other regions due to these display issues, apparently, decided to take a little break to finalize its first foldable smartphone.

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