Samsung is working on the design of the hidden camera to the bottom of the screen!

Almost a year ago came out to the smart phone industry the design of biasing the components of the phone to get the largest area of the front screen without the need for a broad framework to reduce the size of the screen, decoding the design of extrusion “notes”, which soon became a landmark for 2018, and with relief the year I tried some Chinese companies are loading up on the sheet and submit a camera-phone pop up without the need of notes or the edge of the top of the phone to install the front camera, and with the transition to the second half of the year back design of the third protrusion is too small for the camera sensors.

And now a giant industry, Korean “Samsung” has the latest trends!

Since Samsung is the only company that moved away from the design of the extrusion “notes” and similar information, they will seek to eliminate such language altogether and create a special shout out will cover independent and smart phones.

According to the latest news from intel, Samsung is working on the design of the hidden camera and the sensor to the bottom of the phone screen front, which would completely eliminate the edges of the phone and get on the screens of modern full interface of the phone.

Especially since the Korean company already has projects to provide voice across the phone screen without the need for the voice of the traditional, along with researches about fingerprint compact the bottom of the screen more sophisticated than those available in some phones currently.

Do you see the design of the new camera in the Galaxy S10’s?

From the launch of the Galaxy S10 after a few months in early 2019, and now even Samsung is working on testing and development of this new technology, and still purges in its early stages, so it will not be from the forum waiting for this feature with phones Galaxy S10 .

Most likely if it goes well we may see a new camera in 2020, if we were not surprised by Samsung before it!

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