Samsung is working on an alternative to the smartphone, which is not

And remember this was the smartphone from Samsung called Galaxy Fold? Debuted in February of this year, the unusual device was very ambitious and long-awaited product, but, unfortunately, his fate was unenviable, as the first folding smartphone, as is clear from this formulation, was the first of its kind in a commercial device, and the first pancake, as we all know, often goes lumpy.

Beautiful and unusual Galaxy Fold failure associated with one of the displays of the smartphone, namely its flexible display. As noted by many journalists, that it forced the company to postpone the launch. Although Samsung has not yet announced a new date for the launch of the Galaxy Fold, of the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States has given Samsung a new patent relating to an alternative foldable smartphone based on the so-called concept of “Fold-Out”.

The patent describes a device with a foldable display that can be folded and unfolded, also the fact that it consists of two halves. Between the two halves of the housing the device has a connecting element connecting the first housing part with the second, and a special unit that is designed to prevent folding of the halves of the housing in the direction of bending when the device is in the deployed position.

As seen in the image from the patent, the locking mechanism consists of two main parts: moving along the body of the cover and flip the lock. Thus, in the unfolded state of the cover, mounted in grooves on the faces of the body, pushed to the side, and the lock is transferred in this position to resist the cover. To fold the device in half, you need to move the lock to its original position and slide the cover on the other half of the device housing.

Currently Samsung fixes the issues related to the Galaxy Fold. It is expected to fill the protective layer of the display housing or the frame around the display, and will cover the gaps at the top and bottom of the hinge to prevent damage to the folded display of various debris from the inside. Yet been no official confirmation, but it is expected that the smartphone will go on sale next month.

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