Samsung is working on a processor’s own graphics for processors Exynos


At the request of the employment network LinkedIn, it appears that Samsung decided to work on creating Wizard graphics. Reportedly, it has been the company Samsung is planning to hire all of AMD and Nvidia as potential, but nothing happened. Now you may going to Samsung in the footsteps of the Apple TV creating Wizard graphics.

The design team of Samsung and is currently in California working on attracting talent from Qualcomm, AMD and Nvidia to design Wizards graphics alternative to the ARM Mali which is currently used in the processors Exynos.

Will aim Samsung to create processor graphics advanced, but it will begin the establishment of processor graphics performance is average so you can gain experience. After that, the will of the South Korean company, using the second generation of processors and graphics in high-end phones and other devices such as self-driving cars.

Outgrow the nuclei of Mongoose, a subsidiary of Samsung core Cortex-A subsidiary of ARM, and if able to repeat that success in the field of graphics, you’ll be able to reduce its dependence on the company ARM. Also, Samsung has an advantage over Apple, thanks to the virtue of their own while Apple rely on both Qualcomm and Intel to get this important office.



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