Samsung is working on a feature to enhance the graphics performance is called ” Neuro Game Booster “

Exynos 9810

Offering Samsung’s request to get a new brand in the European Union for the software tool called “Neuro Game Booster”. This name seems to be clear to a large extent it seems that Samsung is working on its own technology to enhance the performance of graphics in smart phones, just as it did Huawei with the technology of GPU Turbo in the number of smart phones leading.

Says Samsung in a patent application that it plans to launch this name on one of the software or services. Returning to feature GPU Turbo in phones for Huawei, they are strengthening the performance of the graphics in the phones Chinese company increased by 60 percent, as well as improving the efficiency of energy consumption by 30 percent. We believe that the development of the feature “Neuro Game Booster” by Samsung for the same purpose.

Will feature “Neuro Game Booster” with the help of artificial intelligence to improve the performance of processor graphics to improve the gameplay experience and make it as smooth as possible, and perhaps would benefit from a unit of neural processing, the new processor Exynos 9820. Hope to hear more about that during the event the official announcement of the series phones Galaxy S10 Series in the 20th day of February next.


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