Samsung is to embed the camera behind the screen without a hole in the phones of the future

galaxy s10 - camera

Monitors are Infinity-O just stop on the road towards smart phones with screens full lean pieces or holes. To make that possible, all of the sensors and cameras located in the control to the bottom of the screen.

On this subject, the vice-president research and development team in the Department of screen within Samsung, Mr. Yang Byung-icon by saying : ” although it will not be possible to create a smartphone screen in full within the next year or two, but that technology could evolve to the stage where the camera aperture is invisible, with no impact on camera function in any way “. Moreover, says Mr. Yang Byung-icon to phones Galaxy S10 new is the first to contain a hole in the OLED display itself. For example, the phone Honor View 20 uses an LCD screen without a hole effectively, and the camera is looking through the screen.

It should be noted that Samsung also require the use of screens like a microscope of sound, just as is the case with screen Crystal Sound OLED you used LG in LG phone G8 ThinQ, but decided not to use this technique in a series of phones leading the new Galaxy S10 Series.


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