Samsung is preparing to produce a Galaxy S10 with 6 cameras and 5G !

Separates us now less than three months on the date of the official launch of the family of Galaxy S10 leading, which is sure up to now that includes three featured phones under the name of Samsung Galaxy S10, including telephone, high-performance to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the birth of the series Galaxy S, which will feature the latest technologies existing in the market of smart phones.

The new phone and the highest in the group of Galaxy S10 is not recognized by the official name yet, but at least according to the latest reports The Wall Street Journal, the phone carries the name “Beyond X” within the company, it will come at least with 6 cameras, 4 rear and 2 front with a connection to the fifth generation of networks 5G .

Unlike models of Galaxy S10 other which will contain display screens ranging size from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches, it is said that this model is a particular lack of the bigger screen compared to 6.7 inches. This will be the phone is the most expensive phone Galaxy S10, but it is also one of the most mobile development of people and technology that is launched by Samsung.

After the sales low for my phone Galaxy S9 want Samsung to attract the largest possible number of consumers with a range of Galaxy S10, and this is the reason that all model features specifications of certain hardware to suit different price levels are in trying to attract the largest number of customers and restore some of its lost market share.

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