Samsung is preparing to launch updated Android 9 Pie with the interface, One UI phones Galaxy S !

The conference Samsung for developers SDC 2018 was rich with several important announcements and surprises happy for the fans of Samsung, in addition to the review of the phone Samsung folding directly in front of the masses, and P the new screens, Samsung is also p a whole new interface under the name of One UI .

This new interface dedicated primarily for phones flagship of the Korean company, which comes with Infinity large size, Samsung is aiming this new interface to unify the form of the user interface and facilitate the use of the phone.

The most important interface features One new UI of Samsung

Samsung says that the interface is One new UI for its focus on what matters to the user in the first place, where the company’s interest in the little details to get a smoother experience with larger phones through a set of new tools for easy control of the phone.

Providing the interface of Samsung phones New One UI interaction tools such as control buttons or a joint, for example, near the bottom, so as to be within reach of the user, which is what the user wants from the need to access the top of the screen, and the Samsung that the new interface is more interface for smartphones and its focus on the user.

It will continue Samsung’s range of built-in apps in the phone such as the calendar application and other core applications in the phone.

Finally, other improvements include the provided by the interface, One UI night mode in the phone screen as a whole, and not in a specific application.

Which provides a comfortable experience especially when using the phone at night or the period before sleep, Samsung said that the new interface is designed to assess the chaos and the elements of distraction, which allows the user to better focus and navigate between applications faster than ever before.

Phones that you will get the interface One UI new

Samsung has announced officially that the interface is One UI is coming with the updated Android 9 Pie judge at the beginning of next year to Samsung phones leading, as well as the company announced that the first beta version of the updated Android 9 Pie with the interface, One UI will be available for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus and Note 9 in the second half of November.

Also referred shopping the minute that the new interface will reach phones Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Nokia 8 are the other early next year with an update to Android 9 Pie awaited by the users of the Samsung with a passion.

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