Samsung is preparing to launch the system actually +Odyssey

سامسونج تستعد لإطلاق نظارة الواقع +Odyssey

Showed rankings new authority for the Federal Communications (FCC), the Samsung Launch System and a new reality of its own and is supported by Windows, in order to make some updates on the HMD Odyssey, which was launched late last year.

Will be updates in the new named HMD Odyssey+, is proposed to improve the different parts of its components, to be more comfortable for the user when wearing them. According to the classification, they will be the same size as the previous version, with Dual 3.5-inch, strictly 1440*1600.

See the change on the safety of the field of vision of the eye to be wider, to prevent confusion, it seems that the display technology in the screen contains a new term not familiar from before, as the “AMOLED+SFS”, and did not know yet what that means with SFS .

According to previous information system of the HMD Odyssey, they were on the same level of efficiency not realistic with all of the system Vive with HTC, and acts the countryside, but for its design was modest, sort of, and development for applications across Windows miserable and smooth.

Has launched the last edition of the Odyssey at a price of$ 500 in the beginning, but after a while got to$ 400, and it seems we won’t be waiting long to see more detailed information, about the new version of the Samsung HMD Odyssey+, from the price and some specifications of the gas is clear now, and the launch in the market.

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