Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S10 5G on the 5th of April

Confirmed Samsung officially announced today its plans to launch the phone by the representative of the Galaxy S10 5G on the 5th of April next, to join the series phones Galaxy S10 that was launched to the markets recently.

Galaxy S10 5G

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Samsung has announced officially about the launch date of the phone, which supports the networks of the fifth generation of the series Galaxy S10, where applicable, on the fifth of April, to occupy a Galaxy S10 Plus.

It is estimated that the phone is available initially in the markets of South Korea, which is one of the first markets that started in empower network the fifth generation already, it also comes Galaxy S10 5G to the markets of the United States later where it applies across the Verizon exclusive.

On the other hand, Samsung confirmed that the phone will be for sale starting from 5 April, so there will be no requests for prior booking, also offer free with Galaxy buds wireless when you buy the phone in the period between 5 to 16 of April, also applies to Galaxy S10 5G for sale Verizon officially on 11 April, also is not announced price details of this version, however, the projections indicate that the Galaxy S10 5G will be available at a price of 1332$.


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