Samsung is preparing to launch a version less expensive than the Galaxy S10e

It seems that the Korean giant will have its version of the last of a series of phones along with Galaxy Note 10, where it emphasizes leaks AndroidHeadlines that Samsung will be issued less the cost of the Galaxy S10e which was recently unveiled.

Samsung Galaxy-S10e

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You Samsung launch phone Galaxy Note 10 bringing the total devices that include chip Snapdragon processor 855 to 6, except that the leaks AndroidHeadlines refers to the development of other mobile phone of Samsung Series phones possible, it comes to the level of the lower pricing of the Galaxy S10e, that is detected this version later this year.

It also refers to that version the legal representative of Samsung will come to the level of the lower pricing but with the chip Snapdragon processor 855 also, however, the leaks didn’t reveal too many details about this version which is rumored that the Galaxy A90.

It is also expected that this release comes from Samsung with camera front pop-up subject to change, as it was pointed out that the camera key in this version coming sensor accurately 48 mega pixel camera, it also cost the least of the phone may lead to the sacrificing of the AMOLED in Galaxy A90 and replacing it with a LCD screen.


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