Samsung is preparing the report of the Plume in the routers own

This theme Samsung use with Plume in the routers own appeared on Engadget.

Samsung held a partnership with the firm of Plume, and is one of the first companies to work on the systems, networks, Wi-Fi, to improve the companies based on artificial intelligence technology. Once set up everything and boot the system, start young learning about how to use the family to know the flow speed of the internet available then provide them between devices to achieve maximum performance.

Nor do the technique Plume that only through the analysis of a single network, but by learning the way to use the other houses so that they have more data to draw from later when you split the flow speed of the internet.

Of course, lets you apply the Plume to see everything happening across the network, including devices that use the most data and you consume most of the speed of the internet. And but management of the main network and the setting comes through the application of SmartThings by Samsung, where you can manage access to Internet by device or by user. Also can set the access devices to users or restrict their access, and that regardless of whether they connect through the Internet through your phone or laptop or any device.

This kind of features is common in most systems, WiFi and modern, but being able to take advantage of improved technology Plume is a strong addition to the system SmartThings WiFi. Especially that the Plume charge 60 $ a year to get the features of the Active Managementif you use the company’s devices.

As it can be for your SmartThings hub built-in router, control hundreds of devices connected with WiFi , but it also works with sensor and low power and other products use the technique of ZigBee and Z-Wave.

And you will come to devices SmartThings WiFi at the price of 120 dollars, and at a price of 280 dollars for that contains 3 devices. And this is a 5 $ or 10 $ cheaper than the device Google WiFi, and that doesn’t come with any type of smart home management built-in.


This theme Samsung use with Plume in the routers own appeared on Engadget.

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