Samsung is planning to export processors Exynos ZTE and other manufacturers


Is the semiconductor sector momentum profits for the company Samsung, however, rarely see the processors Exynos own in Devices of other manufacturers, except company Meizu. However, it has today released a new report from the Newswire Reuters says that Samsung is in talks with ZTE and other manufacturers to provide processors Exynos in order to increase competition with Qualcomm.

Said Inyup Kang, an official former Executive at Qualcomm, which is currently chairing the Department of System LSI at Samsung that the South Korean company is currently ” in talks with all the manufacturers “. Confirmed that it can detect new customers in the first half of next year.

Come search for new customers after the prevention of ZTE Corporation from buying products Qualcomm and other components from American companies because of the ban on the Chinese company as a result of violating the rules of the trade embargo imposed on Iran and North Korea. As explained by Samsung that no deal is reached and that all hardware manufacturers are handled on an equal footing.

And costs Samsung about both Qualcomm and Apple in the market of processors, but the development and production of their own processors helped the company to grow its business in the smartphone market, including increased shipments of Department of System LSI by 27 percent. Since the smartphone market is slowing, check the Samsung also to start to provide chip modems that support 5G car manufacturers, and Reuters reports that Audi will be the first client of the South Korean company.



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