Samsung is planning to eliminate extrusion in the phones put a video camera down the AMOLED screens

سامسونج تخطط للقضاء على النتوء في الهواتف بوضع كاميرا أسفل شاشات AMOLED

Maybe he went all companies to develop a larger screen space through the idea of extrusion “Notch” at the top since I started Asia, only to Samsung in spite of this expansion remained steadfast development of its phones dialogue less and full without taking the same way to provide a larger area of the screen.

And it seems that Samsung will not be delivered this way., where she works on the development of technology in AMOLED screens allow to put a camera underneath, which means the presence of full-screen for the users without any deviation or bump, taking advantage of the well-known advantages too.

Held Samsung conference for the fifth-generation screens AMOLED in Shenzhen of China called him 20 Chinese companies Major such as Oppo and Vivo Shao, and ZTE, which revealed for the development of techniques for the inside of the screen allow the presence of sensor fingerprint on the full screen and not in a specific place, as seen in some smartphones, as well as having a sound system that works with the screen, next to the camera sensor for facial recognition.

مؤتمر سامسونج Amoled

This technique, if it occurred, the Samsung will be a major paradigm shift in the field of smart phones and companies, where they would stand on the Promontory and the screen size of the users, the next to sweep the gaming market the Chinese market is probably the presence of the integrated display.

The company uses the extrusion to put headphones or cameras and techniques of facial recognition, but as soon as the appearance of the screen of Samsung’s new, all that will disappear, as the company said that the new screens will provide the clarity is much higher, but with lower power consumption than the previous, but she didn’t talk about the date of its official launch.

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