Samsung is offering the Galaxy S10 with a Bright Night for the night

Confirmed leaks of the new plans Korean giant to launch the next versions of the series phones Galaxy S10 with a new style to the night knows بBright Night.

Samsung- Galaxy S10 -Bright Night (2)

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Style style night photography presented from Huawei in the phone P20 Pro, which I knew بNight Mode, or the feet of Google in feature imaging Night Sight, Samsung also will have a special pattern for the night served with versions possible next year of the series Galaxy S10.

I have pointed the developers of XDA that the pattern of export offering from Samsung with phones Galaxy S10 will بBright Night, where he is scheduled to be this style is part of the user interface ONE, also think the mechanism of action of this pattern to integrate more than a frame for the produce images The Chronicles of detailed and more accurate in low light.

Also don’t think this style of exposing more health or on the LED flash, as they will be among the features of the user interface One with updated Android Pie, but even now can not confirm if they feature the Bright Night will be exclusive to the Galaxy S10 or will apply to other versions.

Samsung- Galaxy S10 -Bright Night (1)

Recall that the export feature in the low lighting made this year possible versions of the OnePlus Nightscape, the وNight Scene of Shao, style Super Bright of Honor, and new we versions of Samsung in 2019 with the style of the Bright Night With The unveiled the Galaxy S10 in the exhibition MWC.


I know of

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