Samsung is offering the Galaxy Note 10 Pro between the versions of Note this year

New leaks confirm the plans of the Korean giant to launch more than one version of a series Note this year, where the company is preparing to launch the Galaxy Note 10 Pro also this year.

Galaxy Note 10 Pro tipped

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It seems that Samsung is on its way for the idea of a series Note this year, as revealed leaks Ice Universe for new hints about the Pro version of the family of Note this year, due to apply entitled Note10 Pro to the market, and comes alongside the standard version of the phone Galaxy Note 10.

Has indicated some of the leaks also suggest that Samsung is offering three versions of the A series Note this year, where you can offer Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro and also phone Note 10e, which comes with a lesser volume between the three versions.

Also comes Galaxy Note 10 Pro highest specifications among the three versions, the Samsung also offers a series Note this year a larger size of 6 inches in the screen.

The report indicates that Samsung will be issuing a separate series of the Note with the support of networks of the fifth generation, with a forecast to know this version phone Note 10 Pro 5G, while weather forecasts indicate again, that the Samsung Family Note this year with the support of networks of the fifth generation.

It is expected that the applicable phone Note 10 or the smaller versions the size of the screen of 6.28 inches, while the version comes the average size of 6.4 inch, version comes the biggest series of the Galaxy Note 10 size 6.75-inch screen.

Also expected that Samsung offers more choice in Ram in three versions that come form the first memory random 8 GB RAM, with storage capacity ranging from 128 to 512 GB, as well as three versions in the specification of the S Pen, which comes smaller versions of the S Pen of the current, while Come higher versions update new design or the specifications of a pen S.

Recall that some projections indicate that Samsung is aiming to launch a series of Galaxy Note 10 specifications and the level of pricing corresponds to the different users, is also expected to level up the pricing of the phone to $ 1000 almost.


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