Samsung is of Will on the manufacture of the modem of Qualcomm using the process of 7 Nm


Qualcomm announced Samsung in issued separate news releases that the South Korean company will manufacture the chips season Snapdragon that supports 5G buy Qualcomm. Will Samsung to manufacture these chips using the process of 7 Nm, which is a huge step in the field of semiconductor.

Compared with chips manufactured using 10-Nm process, the new manufacturing technology from Samsung will be the space by 40 percent, and raise the performance by 10 percent, as well as reducing the rate of energy consumption by 35 percent. It should be noted that this will lead to breaking down the barriers of Moore’s law for education, and this is what will eventually lead to Technology of manufacturing more sophisticated when it comes to the sector of semiconductor.

This information comes to confirm validity of previous rumors which stated that Qualcomm may issue of the Snapdragon X24 plant using the process of 7 Nm in year 2019. There are nearly 50 companies made the hardware and communications have already expressed willingness to support this new standard and hardware compatible with the 5G to the market in the next year.


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